Regular and gluten-free breadcrumbs.
Binders and thickeners for reconstituted products.
Ready to use egg and flavoured breadings.
Mixes for burgers.
Bechamel mixes.
Mixes for fillings.
Mixes for gnocchi and corquettes.
Special mixes for meat loaves.
Mixes for omelettes.
Flavouring curing mixtures (vegetable flavour enhancers). Mixes for crêpes.
Herbal salts for roasts.
Dry fillings for crêpes.
Dehydrated greens.
Batters to coat meat, fish, vegetables.
Spices and aromatic herbs.
Batters to coat stuffed olives, mozzarella cheese.
Dry seasonings for meat, vegetables and fish.
Gnocchi mix.
Dry accompanying sauces.
Mashed potato mixes.
Dry marinades and glazes (hydro and liposoluble).
Mixes for “Pisarei” pasta.
Mixes for sauces.
Instant flavour enhancers (e.g. stock powder: multi-purpose, meat, mushroom, vegetable and fish flavours, "fondo bruno")